Online Real Estate Marketing – What to Do to Get Results Fast

Whether you have just started your journey into marketing your real estate business online or have been doing it for years, one of the biggest goals seems to be consistent. What do I need to do to get business going now? Business 6 months from now is nice but getting results immediately is essential so you can even make it 6 more months!With so many different ways to tackle marketing real estate agents often get blinded and don’t know where to start. Unfortunately this usually means doing nothing and that doesn’t help at all! Here are different methods that you can tackle to get results fast. In the effort of getting results quickly, none of these should take longer than 45 minutes to do and when done correctly you will start getting leads within 24 hours (that’s pretty fast).

Craigslist – Yes, Craigslist is online and should certainly be part of a balanced online real estate marketing strategy. To get results though don’t just throw up 1 ad and hope to have the leads start pouring in. Be aggressive and create 10-15 different ads and put them up at different points during the day and your phone will ring off the hook.    Make sure to include pictures in your ads and you will draw in customers to work with in the areas that you enjoy as well.

Pay Per Click – Don’t stress out and try to create an entire campaign, just create 1 good ad. Create 1 pay per click ad that is focused on just 1-3 keywords and send the traffic to a page focused on those keywords. Make sure to have an opt-in form on the landing page and you will be able to start getting leads in the same day that you run your new ad.

Send an e-mail to your database – E-mail is great way to draw in those customers who have been sitting on the fence for awhile. Don’t send an e-mail that is generic or asks if they want to buy something, send an e-mail that gives them a good reason to reach out and connect with you. E-mails that are short, ask some good questions, and give them a reason to come back to your website work best. It could be something that is a current hot topic like a tax credit, just don’t give them all the information in the e-mail. Get them to come back to your website to discover more about the details. Then if they really want help they can even pick up the phone to call you.
When you want results quickly, implementing just one of the above ideas will jump start your online real estate marketing efforts with some fresh new leads. Don’t try to do all of them at once or you might not finish it. As you find the marketing that you enjoy the most repeat that activity each day and pretty soon you will have “quick business” each and every week.

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